DE EDWIN A EDWIN [From Edwin to Edwin]

An At Film from the Upper Amazon & High Andes

North American environmentalism may be causing as much harm as good in Latin America. Yet discerning a Latin American environmentalism, one heavy on both use and protection, is a challenge. Ecuadorian, but trained as a North American environmentalist, E.T.'s environmentalism changed as he tried to apply it back home. In the Upper Amazon, E.T.'s father, Edwin, built a dam. E.T. can't decide if his father is exactly the sort of environmentalist Latin America needs, or again the reason why we still need all sorts of environmentalism.

Please Note: This is not the full film, but also not a trailer. It's perhaps best to think of as in introduction, or a "set up."
Critiques are most welcome--the film remains very much a work in progress.

Shot, Cut, and Written with Edwin Teran Narration and Translation by Edwin Teran
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