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Sage Nowak was born of the shortest days and longest night. You like him the second you meet him and he only gets better. We've been working on his movie awhile now but he lives so loud, I scramble to cobble & keep up. I still miss most of it. I'm trying  to carve his story the way he carves wood.

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Tagging along leads to an enchanted world. Masks live in trees, totems in telephone poles. Sage brought me so much deeper into Tahltan.* His tales and dreaming sent me off to Kwakwaka’wakw and Haida Gwaii, Tsimshian and Gitxsan. Since we started, whenever I’ve encountered something unusually strange or beautiful, I chased its image, thinking: “we need this for Sage’s movie.” I’m probably dragging out the filmmaking because I want to keep living in Sage’s world. His story, in our telling and in the world, is still so young. Imagine all the wonder he’ll create, the culture he’ll stoke, the poles he’ll raise. You can already admire the Elder he’ll be. It’s dangerous fun to hang with a legend while he’s still wild, fresh and becoming. I’m honored. 🤲 🤲 🤲

Please contact us if you'd like to see the current cut.

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