18 min 30 sec

A folk film made the community of Okwa II  

This is a period piece telling a story of traditional West African ways of protecting the environment: conservation before the whiteman. This is the first film made on the project and the first film in the series. Okwa II is one of the three villages enclaved within Cross River National Park and thus a site of tension with conservation efforts.

Untitled photo
Transport to Bomaji<br />
<br />
I was with red sandals. He was fast enough to terrify me.
Casting, Okwa II
Coming home from Okwa<br />
<br />
(It rained)

Salvation Latah as Obi

Beshaba Tabi as Obi’s sister

Anna Apah as Obi’s mother

Olum Akwo as the hunter

Paddy Abang as Obi’s father

Paulinus Onu as the chief

Produced by Louis Nkonyu

Special Thanks to Smart Apah

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