23 min 24 sec

A folk film made with the communities of Wula & Bamba, two of the nine communities responsible for the Mbe Mountain community wildlife sanctuary.

This film tells a modern tale about local concerns and conflict with gorilla conservation in Cross River, Nigeria. 

Untitled photo
Multiple at school<br />
<br />
(He requests lots of photos. He also would like to come back with me)
Scouting for the second film<br />
<br />


Janet Otu as the student

Ajah Nde as the little sister

Mrs Deborah Nde as the mother

Costly Ojonde as the friend

Amos Mkpe as the hunter

Chief Benedict Nde as the grandfather

Deborah Osor as the friend in the forest

Boniface Nde as the father

Louis Nkonyu as the teacher

Produced by Louis Nkonyu

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