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Following the project, NZA wrote her Masters at the University of British Columbia on gendered narratives of wildlife conservation in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Here are stories from shooting over the summer of 2015The first film premiered where it was made, at Sarychat-Ertash State Nature Reserve, for a World Snow Leopard Day Celebration on October 23, 2015.

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[Kodzhodzash]. 21 min. Alai Valley, Kyrgyzstan

Ак Шийрак

[Ak-Shiyrak]. 15 min. Tien Shan, Kyrgyzstan


[The Goat & the Poor Donkey]. 15 min. Wakhan Valley, Tajikistan


[Memories of Markhor]. 9 min. Shurobad, Tajikistan


In 2020, a  Tajik researcher, Dr. Qurbon Alamshoev (PhD in History and Ethnography) completed a film on Tajik relations with snow leopards.

I am happy to announce that by the holiday of October 23, I managed to finish work on documentary film “In the footsteps of the snow leopard: from Murghab to Shahina “. The film is built on legends. It contains interviews cultural practitioners in different parts of Tajikistan who talk about the nature of the snow leopard, how people used to treat him. The current problems associated with the life of the predator have been identified. On October 23 this year it will be shown on the republican and regional television of Gorno-Badakhshan. Maybe you will be interested to know how the snow leopard is protected in Tajikistan. The film was prepared in Russian. Interviewers speak Tajik and Pamir languages. You can watch this movie below. Happy Holiday of the Graceful Snow Leopard!

Yours faithfully Dr. Qurbon Alamshoev, Tajikistan, Pamir.

This project was generously supported by:

Boulder-Dushanbe Sister Cities,

a Lush Charity Pot Grant,

& crowdfunded support from our friends and family, especially

Steve Hermans

Mina Nezam

Setara Moosa

Linda Hermans

Elias Moosa 

Max T. Segal

David Barnett

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